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Ways to Introduce Magenta Into Your Home and Garden

Ways to Introduce Magenta Into Your Home and Garden

Colours have a powerful ability to transform spaces, add a touch of personality, and invoke certain moods and emotions in people.

This year’s trendy colour is the vibrant, captivating, and energetic shade of magenta. Pantone declared the 2023 colour of the year as Viva Magenta, and it is everything you need for an inspired home. Magenta symbolises confidence, empowerment, experimentation and inspires strength and bravery.

Continue reading for all the tips you need that are perfect for adding Viva Magenta to your next home project! 🌺 

Decorative Throw Pillows

Peony Tiger with Red Wine Accent Cushion

Throw pillows are a versatile way to spice up your home and give it a burst of colour. You can choose either patterned or plain magenta pillows to make them the centre of your living area or bedroom’s attention.

You’ll be surprised how dramatically colourful decorative pillows can transform the mood and style of the room. This bold yet fun shade will create a vibrant essence and enhance the general aesthetics of the space.

Read more about how to style your cushions that will match your magenta vibe!


Accent Walls

Accent Wall Inspiration Shutterstock

You can go for a magenta accent wall if you appreciate bolder transformations. Painting a single wall in a striking colour act as a dynamic focal point of your bedroom, living room, or even office.

If you’re going in this direction, however, make sure that all the other surrounding walls are painted in neutral or muted colours, as the whole point of an accent wall is to create a statement. Grey sand and pale khaki go especially well with magenta.

Accent Cushions


Elements of Your Kitchen

Kitchen Inspiration with Magenta Colours

Painting your kitchen cabinets in magenta is a great way to refurbish them and give a marvellous modern touch. However, you might want to repaint them with a neutral colour if you plan on reselling your home. Painting your countertops or backsplashes with magenta can also be a more subtle yet equally eye-catching way to introduce colour to your space. 


Victoria Jane Sherpa Blanket

Magenta blankets are another great way to hop on the trend without committing to major decor changes. They will also add an element of warmth and comfort to your living area, making it appear more inviting.

You can drape magenta knit or flannel blankets over your sofa or armchair and purchase comforters or down blankets for your bedroom.

Zebra Rose Victoria Jane


Decorative Accents

Victoria Jane

If you want an elegant and sophisticated way to introduce a touch of colour into your space, there is no better way to do it than by purchasing decorative accents. Find tinted glasses, stylish patterned plates, tinted or patterned vases, or table lamp covers that incorporate magenta.

Bringing colour into your home through accent pieces will create a cohesive and visually appealing home environment.

Wine Glass Charms Victoria Jane


Frames and Paintings

Victoria Jane Art

If you’re an art enthusiast, you can use paintings, tapestries, photographs, and other creative outlets to incorporate the trendy shade into your home.

You can also use magenta frames for your current wall hangings to transform the look of your wall without painting it entirely. You’ll be surprised by the decorative gems you find in thrift stores, art fairs, and antique shops.

 Canvas Art Lily Bird Round



Statement Furniture

Statement Furniture piece inspo

A magenta furniture piece, such as an accent armchair or a coffee table, is an impressive way to make a statement without the permanence element.

Statement furniture is just as bold and expressive as accent walls, minus the hassle. Your magenta piece is guaranteed to serve as a conversation starter and an attention-grabbing element in your home.


Curtains and Drapes

Magenta Curtains and Drapes

Hanging up magenta curtains or drapes can immediately make your home feel luxurious. You might lose the blackout and enjoy the magenta-tinted light that seeps into your home. This dramatic effect looks particularly alluring when surrounded by neutral walls and furniture.

Rugs and Carpets

Rug and Carpets Magenta

Rugs and carpets can anchor a room and bring warmth to it. They tie all the other decor elements together, creating visual appeal and comfort. You can add personality to any space by using magenta carpets to your space.


Introducing Magenta to Your Garden

Flowering Plants

Flowering plants in vibrant magenta shades can make your garden look more enchanting and lively. There is no better way to start your day than by drinking your morning coffee overlooking a field of flowers.

Phlox, peonies, lupins, roses, echinacea, astrantia, dahlias, petunia, and verbena all come in this lively shade. They are guaranteed to charge you with the energy you need for the day, as these blooms symbolise confidence, grace, empathy, and optimism.

Planting them in your garden will create a wonderful contrast against the vivid green foliage.


Flowers on the Pathways

Magenta flowers on the pathways

You can frame your pathways with stunning magenta flowers. This simple change will enhance your garden while making you feel like a royal as you stroll along the trail. Pathway flowers guide the flow of movement and add an elegant touch to the outdoor space.

Magenta Foliage

Flowering plants are not the only way to bring colour into your garden. You can also add texture, movement, and colour using magenta foliage. Their colourful tips can create an interesting visual effect all year round, acting as the focal point of your outdoor space.


Pergolas or Arbors

Pergolas Inspo

Transform your garden by installing enchanting magenta pergolas, archways, or arbors. Bold garden entrances are great statement pieces that add personality and set a romantic, fairytale-like tone for your garden.

Garden Decor

Garden Decor in Magenta

Make your garden more appealing and whimsical by using garden decor. Magenta-tinted wind-chimes will catch and reflect the sunlight in dreamy ways while generating soothing melodies. Lanterns with magenta-tinted glass can also add a unique element to your garden’s aesthetic.


Hanging Baskets

Hanging Pots with Magenta Flowers at your Garden Home

You can add more greenery to your terrace by making use of the vertical wall or pergola space. Create a visually appealing hanging garden to personalise your space and embrace the beauty of nature. Imagine awe-inspiring cascades of magenta blossoms, creating a waterfall effect in your outdoor landscape. 

Magenta can breathe life into your indoor and outdoor spaces. It is the vibrant element that your home has been missing. The possibilities are endless from the cozy and welcoming feel that magenta blankets and rugs can bring into your home, to the graceful environment that enchanting magenta-coloured flowering blooms and arches can create in your garden.

Magenta is a versatile shade that can be incorporated into your space in numerous eye-catching ways.

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