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Spruce up your Bathroom this Summer

Spruce up your Bathroom this Summer

Bored of your bathroom design? Are you looking for ways to give it a burst of liveliness, perhaps a splash of colour to change the mood? 

Decorating and restyling your bathroom is no easy feat. However, this is where Victoria Jane can come in to save the day! 🌺

So how do you spruce up your bathroom using towels? If you’re looking to glam up your bathroom with minimal effort and a satisfying result, while also maximising your storage options, it’s not as difficult as you think. ✨


Towel Styling Techniques

Towels are not always considered a styling choice in bathrooms. As practical and essential as they are in the powder room, they can also serve as a beauty point to bring the bathroom together.

Practicality and accessibility are key, however, leaving your towels on the floor or on the bathroom door is a bit of an overkill.

You don’t have to own the home to be able to make changes, most of these styles and solutions require minimum alterations with no lasting damage or conversions.

Victoria Spa Art Towels

Using Vignette

Not only will this add a touch of style to your bathroom, it can easily change the aesthetic. You can use a wood carved Vignette or a ceramic one to place your folded colourful hand towels on top of your bathroom vanity.

Don’t stop there though, make sure to add some accessories to bring the set together, like a soap dispenser, or a toothbrush holder. Nothing wrong with being beautiful and functional at the same time.

Use Old Wooden Hangers

If you’re interested in adding a rustic theme to your bathroom, all you need is a couple of old wooden clothes hangers. Grab ones you’re not using anymore and a pair of nails. Hammer the nails into the walls, but only one third of the way through, so you’re able to balance the hangers on them. Not only will that leave you with an original and creative looking hook, you’ve also recycled old material, so, win win.

Towel Rings

Oldie but goldie! These are especially handy with hand towels if your vanity or sink area are too narrow for a Vignette or a display to include accessories. They’re classy and look nice with floating sinks and present a golden opportunity to show off any decorative towels you have.

Stack Towels Under the Vanity

A tiny condition for this one is that you need a drawer or a shelf below your vanity. If that’s the kind of vanity you have, you’re in luck. These towels will probably have a more decorative function than practicality though, given their position. Go for colourful pops and affordable selections like Victoria Jane’s Lilly Birds to convey a bold statement!

Lily Bird

Use Decorative Hooks

Hooks have evolved beyond the old metal question mark on the back of your bathroom door. There are so many new designs available now that not using them should be outlawed. Some of those don’t require burrowing nails in the porcelain, they come with adhesive surfaces to make it easier to remove and replace them wherever you want.

Decorate Your Bath Caddy

If you have a bath tub, a bath caddy is a great piece of furniture to complement it. It is the perfect place to be storing your bath essentials - a relaxing scented candle, soap, bath brush, a small wash cloth, and of course your towel.


Wooden Peg Railing

Wooden Peg

If you have an eye for vintage items, wooden pegs were all the rage in the old days. They don’t take up much space on the wall like shelving does, and have an artful and minimalist air to them as they blend easily with the rest of the bathroom. Not to mention you can add as many as you want to hold as many towels as you wish.

Add in Textural Baskets

If you want to add a Boho swing on things, handmade woven baskets add warmth to the cold and hard tiles of the bathroom. You can distribute them in the nooks of the bathroom or have them stored under the vanity to save space, folding up the towels within them for easy access.

Fold Your Towels Over The Tub

This is one of the simplest styling ideas when it comes to towels. Your tub will look amazing with a colourful towel draped on the edge, adding dimension to the room.


Heated Towel Rails

Setting a heated towel rail next to the shower for when you emerge from  into the cold bathroom is a game changer. These rails are designed to keep your towels heated and warm for when you’re ready to use them.

Floating Shelves

Have you ever wondered what to do with that wasted space above the door of the bathroom, or the toilet? How about using it to store your towels? You can play around with the colours of the towels to add a pop to that unused area, and save room in a cramped bathroom.




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