How to Style Cushions at Home as a Maximalist

How to Style Cushions at Home as a Maximalist

Every home is different, and that's what makes them so special. Your space isn't just a blank canvas but rather an expression of the people that live there. Styling your space is the perfect way to take that blank canvas and mold it into something unique and inviting 

Whether you want to add some splashes of colour or make your room more vintage-inspired, styling your space doesn't have to be overwhelming. If anything, it's a chance for you to show off who you are and what makes you truly unique.

Styling your cushions is a great way to do just that. Cushions are a quick, inexpensive, and easy way to take advantage of any space. They can add a personal touch and make your room more welcoming by giving off a feeling of comfort. Plus, who doesn't want to relax in their favourite chair with a stylish yet comfy throw pillow?

Why Is Cushion Styling Important?

Cushions are just as important to your home as furniture or wall decor. They can make a statement in any room, and they're so versatile that they're easy to style and change based on your mood or the season. They're also a great way to bring some colour into your space for a super-bright effect. Cushions have many other uses beyond just adding some style to your home. They can be used to:

  • Spruce up an old piece of furniture and make it more inviting by giving it new cushion covers.
  • Add more comfort to your favourite chair or sofa by giving it a fluffy new feather filled Victoria Jane cushion.
  • Create a cosy atmosphere in your living room space with Victoria Jane cushions and add a sherpa blanket from our collection.
  • Add personality to your bedroom or lounge area.
  • Stand out as a unique statement piece in your space.
  • Display your creativity and decorative skills.

With this guide, you will be able to style almost any type of cushion, from the most simple pillows to the largest, most extravagant ones. And with a little bit of imagination and a few key pieces, you can create the perfect look for your home.


Colour Is Key

Colour is key to styling cushions

The best way to set the tone for any space is by choosing the right colour palette. When styling a cushion, you should go with no more than three different colours. For the first colour, determine which colour you want to be the space's focal point. It doesn't necessarily have to be your favourite colour (although it can be), but instead, what will create the most dramatic effect in your space.

Next, you should pick a complementary colour to pair with your focal point. These colours will help to make the focal colour pop even more, which is important if you want your cushion to be the focus of your space. A great choice for this is a colour that falls between your focal colour and the third colour you're going to use. This will create the perfect combination of soothing and energising effects.

Lastly, choose a neutral tone, which will be used to connect your other two colours and help add depth to the space. At Victoria Jane we have added our Si Belle collection accent cushion range to mix and match with our bolder Victoria Jane cushions

Find the Perfect Shape

Cushion from Victoria Jane

Cushion shapes these days are almost just as important as the colour choices you make. There are so many different shapes and styles to choose from that you can instantly transform your room into something more sophisticated, playful, or cosy.

All it takes is the right pairing and placement of cushions to create a stunning focal point. Look for shapes that make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Rounded shapes will draw you in and make your space feel cosy, while harder or angular shapes will help boost a room's energy and give it a more modern look.

Go with the Traditional

Pattern Cushion Mix and Match

As much as you want to be different and daring, there are some classic styles that have been around for a good reason. These are things that have worked for years and can look just as good in your home. For example, cushions with geometric designs were very popular in the 70s, but you can definitely get away with keeping them in your space if you're going for a contemporary, sleek look.


Don't be Afraid to Mix and Match

One of the most memorable ways to style your cushions is by putting together unexpected elements that fit well together but wouldn't necessarily go together in anyone else's space. You want to make sure that your style fits with you and no one else.

The only way you can do that is by mixing and matching the colours, patterns, and objects that are special to you.

Embrace Your Inner Minimalist with a Maximalist statement cushion

Don't feel like you have to fill your entire space with overstuffed pillows. Sometimes, having just one small maximalist accent cushion is enough to make a huge impact. Use it to create the focal point of your room, and make sure that everything else you put in is complimentary. You can also try different accent pillows on different couches or even change them up every day to give your room a whole new aesthetic.


Consider Functionality

Victoria Jane with Blanket and Cushion

Accent pillows are great for adding some style to your living area, but they also serve a very practical purpose. They give you something to lean on while you're sitting on the couch or something to rest your elbows on when you're leaning against the desk. A good cushion can help make any place even more comfortable, so make sure that it works well in addition to looking good.


Choose the Right Cushion Size

Cushion Lily Bird by Victoria Jane Collections

If you have a larger space, you don't want to fill it up with large pillows that take up much more room than they need to. Instead, look for pillows that won't dominate the space and will easily fit in with your existing furniture. The goal is to create a space that's balanced and not too busy.

If you have a smaller space, on the other hand, you want to make sure that nothing looks cramped or too crowded. Oversized, overstuffed pillows can make your space look smaller than it actually is, so be sure to choose something proportional to the size of the room. Our most preferred cushion by our tribe is 45 x 45 cm with feather inner.

Go with Your Room's Personality

Victoria Jane Maximalism Interior Design

Look at your space and figure out what kind of personality it has. This can come from the paint color or from the way it's decorated. Then, you need to choose a style that complements that personality and fits in with the rest of the furniture and accessories. You'll want something that looks like it belongs, not something that looks out of place because it doesn't match.

Stack and Layer

Cushions from Victoria Jane NZOne fun way to make a plain space look more interesting is by stacking cushions on top of each other. This gives an entirely new look to a room and really adds some sparkle. It also makes your space look a lot more cosy and homey since you have pillows on top of pillows. You can either stack them in waves or in layers, depending on the size and style of your pieces.

Match Textures and Patterns

Pattern Mix and Match with Victoria Jane

Complementary textures and patterns are an excellent way to combine multiple colours, objects, and patterns without making them fight for attention. The key is to find a cushion that works well with the rest of your pieces but also adds some uniqueness to the mix. Complementary patterns should be the most noticeable, followed by similar patterns, and then contrasting patterns. This is a great way to make your space more interesting without making it look overcrowded.

At Victoria Jane our cushion collections are reversable with contrasting designs on both sides so you can create new looks.



Cushions can be the perfect addition to any room that's looking for a little extra dazzle and character. Whether you choose bright colours and patterns or more subdued objects, you can make a distinct and unique style statement with just one cushion. The best way to pick the perfect cushion is to think about what you want your space to look like in addition to what elements are already there.

Then, you want to look at the colours and patterns within your space and find something that fits well but also stands out.

Then, pick something that looks great while being comfortable, and you'll be ready to enjoy the enormous style boost that a new cushion can give you.


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