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Maximalism is The New Era of Design

Maximalism is The New Era of Design

Maximalism is all about embracing bold and eclectic styles. It’s about mixing and matching colours, patterns and textures to create new and unique looks. And while it may seem like a departure from the sleek and simple lines of minimalism, maximalism is actually a natural progression from the trend that’s dominated design for so long. 

maximalism in victoria jane

Maximalism originated in the 17th century Baroque era, characterised by ornate details and intricate patterns. Designers such as William Morris continued to evolve the style in the 18th century as well as the maximalist aesthetic embraced in the 90s and early 2000s by fashion houses such as Dolce & Gabbana and Versace.

Evident enough, the history of maximalism has been one of constant evolution in shaping the industry of fashion until this day. Here are 3 reasons why Maximalism is on the rise: 

#1 Uniqueness

uniqueness maximalism

Though Minimalism — from fashion, interior design, to lifestyle — has successfully managed to stay in trend, minimalism is losing its grip, making space to bring back the ‘louder’ trend in design and fashion.

Many designers have adapted to the minimalist approach, but this leaves them wanting to incorporate more expressive and unique design elements. We live in a world where maximalism is easier to achieve because we are constantly wanting to combine and try new things.

#2 Creativity Rules

creativity in maximalism

Minimalism creates limitation when creating ideas for your design. Designers are often limited to strict set of rules and guidelines, which leads to the lack of creativity, expressiveness and uniqueness.

Maximalism is a great opportunity to unleash your creativity. Allowing you to experiment with colours, patterns, textures and style to create unique spaces.

This also doesn’t necessarily mean clutter and messy designs. You are meant to be creative in your own personal way!


#3 Rise of Thrifts

thrifting in maximalism

Old is New! We are bringing it back with the style and design trends when it comes to fashion and design. Thrifting not only allows you to find unique and affordable items, but also aligns with the values of sustainability and embracing imperfects.

Thrifting aligns with the values of maximalism, which emphasises the use and appreciation of what you already have.



While Minimalism is the dominant trend in fashion and interior design for several years, it appears to be subtly easing through as designers are looking to be more expressive in their unique designs.

Maximalism is the new era of design because minimalism is not the ‘only way to go.’ It’s giving you the opportunity and full authority to be yourself, and embrace your ‘Boldness!’ to the world. 

Feeling inspired and ready to create your own maximalist look?

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art and murals of victoria jane 

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