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Dress to Impress with Fabulous Handbags

Dress to Impress with Fabulous Handbags

Accessories make the outfit. No matter how dull an ensemble is, the accessories will make it pop. When you think of the word “accessories,” what comes to mind? Probably rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. However, handbags play a huge role in styling your clothes. Since they come in different colors and styles, they can work with any outfit and occasion.

Most women prefer brown and black bags because they go with different colours. However, they can become boring with time, especially during the spring and summer when colourful bags are in style. Spruce up your style by adding a cute bag to your ensemble.

If you want to dress to impress, accessorise your outfit with the right bag. This blog covers trendy styling tips and explains how to use colourful handbags as accessories.

Black and Pink

Some girls often prefer to combine pink with equally light colors like blue or gray. However, pink and black are a great combination. Wear a basic black T-shirt, a pink pleated skirt, pink skinny jeans, and black sneakers for a cute and stylish outfit. You can add a leather jacket for style and warmth in cold weather.

A lipstick pink Victoria Jane quilted cross-body bag is the right accessory for this outfit. The bag doesn’t only match the skirt but also adds more color to the back-pink ensemble. This outfit is perfect for a casual outing with your friends, whether you are going out for dinner or shopping with the girls.

PInk Handbag

Grey and Red

Grey is a favourite colour for some people, while others find it boring. If you have a grey outfit, you can transform it with a red bag. Try a pair of grey jeans with a long-sleeved white shirt for a chic summer look. Add a dark grey coat for a fall look to stay warm. A raspberry red quilted cross-body bag adds a pop of colour and makes for an eye-catching outfit. Don’t shy away from bold colours in the fall, they can make your style more interesting. Wear this outfit for a nice, cozy lunch with your girlfriends.

Orange and Green

Orange and green are a great colour combination. Wear a pair of white jeans with a cute orange blouse and trendy gold sneakers for a cool, casual summer look. Style this outfit with a snow white and champagne metallic cross-body phone bag with a white and gold metallic strap. For a bolder look, you can go with a quilted emerald green cross-body bag with a metallic strap in gold and white. This is a nice outfit for a summer morning outing, like coffee or lunch with your friends.

Cream and Blue

Creamy colours are soft and perfect for a fall look. Try a long satin cream skirt with an oversized purple sweater and a lilac pair of shoes. Accessorise this stylish outfit with a silver satin gray and powder blue cross-body phone bag with a white and gold metallic strap. Wear this outfit for a cool fall morning and enjoy a warm pumpkin drink to embrace the spirit of the season.

Navy Blue Handbag

A navy blue handbag is the perfect accessory for a variety of outfits and colors. You can wear it with an all-navy outfit. A navy dress with an ink-quilted cross-body bag with a white and gold metallic strap is perfect for a night out with your friends or a dinner date with your boyfriend. For a semi-formal look for a business meeting or a job interview, you can wear a pair of white pants, a white blouse, metallic shoes with a navy blazer, and a navy handbag. If you are a fan of dark colours, accessorise an all-black outfit with a navy bag. You can wear a long-sleeved black fitted blouse with black skinny pants and high heels for a stylish outfit perfect for work or an outing with friends. When it comes to navy blue bags, your options are endless.

Black and Yellow

Black and yellow are a fierce combination. Imagine what your favourite black outfit will look like with a pretty summer handbag. Similarly, a black handbag, like a black quilted cross-body bag, is the perfect accessory for a yellow. Perhaps you can accessorise a black handbag with a yellow dress for a sunny summer outing, a yellow jumpsuit for lunch with friends, or a yellow blazer over a white blouse and white pants.

White and Black Outfits

White and black is a style that is always in and timeless. However, some people find them lacking and in need of bold colours to make them pop. This is where a colourful handbag can make all the difference. You can wear all the accessories you want in a black and white ensemble, but only a cute handbag can bring this outfit to life. There is no end to the colours that match black and white. An emerald green quilted cross-body bag with a black and white stripe strap and a raspberry red quilted cross-body bag with raspberry and ink leopard strap will make your outfit more stylish. White and black options are perfect for every occasion. You can wear them for both casual and professional settings. However, if you don’t like to experiment with bold colours, you can always opt for a black quilted cross-body bag with a black and white stripe strap and a black pair of shoes.

Add a Splash of Colour

White dresses aren’t only for weddings. They are actually one of the most popular summer clothing. However, a plain white dress without the proper accessories can be boring. There are many colours that go with white. You can try a handbag with an intriguing print or a cool pattern. If you are a fan of solid colours, this is your chance to be as bold as you can and experiment with as many colours as you want. From red, pink, people, blue, black, or yellow. Let your imagination run wild. A white summer dress is perfect for a date, a picnic in the park with friends, or for reading a nice book in a cafe.

Handbag Straps

Your handbag strap is as significant as the bag’s style and colour. For instance, a leopard strap is stylish and sexy and can make a powerful impact on your outfit. Colourful stripe straps can also be a great addition to your ensemble, and you can choose ones that match your outfit. This type is usually wider than the chain and leather straps. It is also more fashion-forward and comfortable.

A handbag strap can make a fashion statement by itself. Many of them are removable, so you can buy several colors and patterns to change your handbag style and to match with different outfits.

Another type of strap is the big chain, which never goes out of style. It is extremely chic and a great way to spruce up your look. They are extremely edgy and elegant and add a touch of metallic to your outfit. If you are looking for a strap that is similar to a piece of accessory like a stylish necklace, look no further than chain straps, which some people call a handbag’s jewellery.

If you don’t want to wear many or any accessories yet you want to style your outfit, a handbag with chain straps will do the job. It is also perfect for a minimalist look. These chains come in different styles, and they are also removable. You can opt for long ones to wear as a cross-body bag or on your shoulder or a shorter chain for a different look.

Forget the saying, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Your loyal companion now is your handbag. There is an endless variety of handbag styles and colours, and you can always choose the ones that reflect who you are and what you want your style to convey.

A pretty handbag completes your outfit. Don’t be afraid to choose bold colours to make the most boring outfits sexy and exciting.


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