victoria jane Leopard Luxe Mural in bedroom
victoria jane Leopard Luxe Mural

Leopard Luxe Mural

Product Type: Mural

This beautiful mural art collection has been designed for you to enjoy and create beautiful, colourful spaces.

  • From $160 per square meter.
  • Murals are printed on 225gsm pre-pasted satin stock.
  • These prints can be installed directly onto your wall.

Victoria Jane Art murals are designed and manufactured in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Please check instructions below detailing how to measure your wall. Contact for help with personalised murals. 

Measuring your Wall:

Measuring a wall for a mural isn't too complicated, but it's essential to do it accurately to ensure you avoid any wastage. Here are some step-by-step directions: 1. Measure Height: Start by measuring the height of the wall from floor to ceiling. Measure at multiple points along the wall, as ceilings and floors might not always be perfectly level. Note down the highest measurement. 2. Measure Width: Next, measure the width of the wall. Measure from one corner to the other. Again, measure at multiple points, especially if the wall isn't entirely straight. Note down the longest measurement. 3. Calculate Total Square metres: To find the total square metre of the wall, multiply the height by the width. For example, if your wall is 8 metres high and 12 metres wide, the total square metre would be 8 x 12 = 96 square metres. 4. DO NOT include skirting boards or scotia in your calculations. Now take your square metre amount and multiply by the square metre $ rate, this will give you an estimated cost of your mural.

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