Victoria Jane

Candyfloss Raspberry Fizz Candle - 420ml


The gorgeous Candy Floss Collection is stunningly pretty with it's blush pink and white ombre effect.

Please note each vessel is different due to the fact they are hand blown.
Burn time: 45 Hours
Holds: 420ml of wax
Measures: 115mm high by 90mm at its widest point

Fragrance: Raspberry Fizz
Raspberry Fizz depicts an exotic fusion of pink raspberries along with juicy apricots and crisp apple.

Our Victoria Jane luxury scented soy candles are hand poured in Aotearoa New Zealand and are a beautiful fashion statement piece for your home. They also make the perfect gift for a loved one. We source our beautiful candle vessels and jars both locally and internationally to bring you timeless styles of the highest quality.

Victoria Jane natural soy wax candles are the best choice for your home. Unlike candles made with paraffin wax, our soy wax candles are long-lasting and clean-burning, and they will make your space smell divine without ever overwhelming your senses.

Reuse your beautiful Victoria Jane candle vessel/jar after you have used your candle.
An easy way to remove any residual candle wax from the vessel/jar ~
Use your hair dryer to blow hot air on the wax for some minutes or until the wax begins to melt then clean off melted wax with a paper towel or clean, soft rag. Repeat the process until there is no more wax on the surface of the vessel/jar. Wipe the surface with a damp clean microfiber cloth to get rid of any filmy residue.

Then you can use your vessel/jar for bathroom decoration, jewelry container, vase and many more uses.

Enjoy Victoria Jane x