Victoria Jane

Blue Ice Drop Earrings


Sparkle and shine all day everyday with Victoria Jane's Blue Ice Drop Earrings. For both special occasions or to spruce up an everyday outfit, these pair of earrings are for you.

Victoria Jane fine jewellery collections are luxurious, vintage-inspired, shimmering, whimsical and fashion-forward. Victoria Jane fine jewellery collections feature crystals, gem stones, fresh water and man-made pearls as well as splendid, exquisite, stones, colours and designs. Attention to detail every step of the way is the key to Victoria Jane's magnificent, luxurious, queenly and divine fashion jewellery collections with limited edition launches.

If by chance there is any fault we will replace your earrings, if the particular limited edition earring is not available we will supply an alternative of your choice.

Take care not to wash dishes, laundry or garden with your jewellery on.
Many cleaning products that come in contact with your beautiful jewellery can take off the finish due to the harsh chemicals in these products.
Don’t wear Victoria Jane Jewellery in the pool or spa. Chlorinated water can react with the metals found in jewellery causing your awesome jewellery to change colour.

Use a soft dry cloth to regularly clean and look after your jewellery. Don’t use jewellery cleaner or similar products on Victoria Jane jewellery.
Avoid perfume and body lotions directly on beads, pearls, leather, crystals or metal. Victoria Jane jewellery should be last on and first off. Do not wear when sleeping.
Protect your Victoria Jane jewellery in the soft cloth bag provided.