Pearls are a girls best friend

Pearls are a girls best friend

Pearls have always been a classic but they are making a comeback with some of the biggest celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Kate Middleton wearing these stunning gems to red carpet events.

Pearls are well and truly here to stay and that is why Victoria Jane has created a luxurious collection of fresh-water and man-made pearl jewellery and fashion pieces.

From sunglasses to vintage-inspired shimmering jewellery we have something for everyone, no matter what the occasion.

Just look at the attention to detail in these two pearl earring designs. The Milan Pearl Classic Hoop earrings and the Pearl Diamond Arc Gold earrings. These two are a customer favourite, can you see why?

One of the best parts about pearls is that they can work in any style whether you like a minimalist or minimalistic look. Whether you like gold or silver jewellery. Pearls can fit in with your personal aesthetic. So with the pearl trend carrying on into 2022 now is the time to stock up on our limited edition pearl launch!



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