A Guide to Soft Furnishing Decors in 2023

A Guide to Soft Furnishing Decors in 2023

Winter is coming! And it is the best time for soft furnishings this fall 🍁


They not only make the house look cosy and comfortable, but they also keep it warm. 🍂

Start by adding Colour to Your Home with Soft Furnishing Decor. And we've got you covered in everything you need to know to make your house look its best with soft furnishings!

Types of Furnishings

Changing the look and feel of your home doesn’t have to be expensive in the process. You have plenty of soft furnishing options to choose from, and many of these can be used in more than one way.

Ideally, you should have a good idea of what you want as a final product so you can buy things accordingly. Some of the main things you can change to include more soft furnishings in your home decor include the following:


Victoria Jane - Sherpa Blankets



victoria jane blankets

Among all the soft furnishings in your bedroom, the blanket is one of the largest. Some people prefer to fold the blanket at the foot of the bed, while others prefer to lay it out entirely. In either case, it will be prominent and play a major role in the room's overall look.

A blanket in a solid colour will set the tone for the room, while one with a print can play a less dominant role and help complement other features of the space.


Art and Decorations

Victoria Jane Wall Art Murals

Art on the wall or pieces of decoration on tables, walls or even the floor can also change the texture and feel of the space. You can get pieces that are either made of or consist of soft materials such as wool and leather to change up the texture of the space. You can even have different themes for every room in the house.

Since smaller pieces are easier to move around and place in different spots, place them in specific places to add texture to a spot.

Books are another way you can decorate certain rooms, like the living room or the bedroom. You can set up shelves wherever you feel like you have an empty space and fill it with all your favourite books.



Pillow Cushions Victoria Jane

If you want to add a lot of colour without having to change too many things, especially seating arrangements, then cushions will be a great addition. They will also look just as good on the floor or even as bits of decoration.

It’s much easier to find cushions of the right colour, material, and size to suit your needs. You can even get stylised cushions or cushions in specific shapes.



towel victoria jane

The bathroom is often the hardest place to decorate because you don’t want to compromise its space.

Towels are a great way to add some softness to a bathroom with a lot of tile/ceramic work. Changing up the colours of the towels is easy to do and will make a big change in the look of the space.



Backthrows Victoria Jane

Changing sofas is a hassle, but you can easily change their look with the help of some backthrows. These are available in various colours, designs, shapes, and sizes.

No matter what kind of sofa you have, you can always get a fresh look with some nice backthrows. If you have sofas that aren’t particularly warm, add some fluffy backthrows to make them look cosier.


Tablerunners and Mats


You don’t need to have fancy furniture in every room in the house. Many times, the smallest of changes will make the biggest differences.

In the dining area, adding some tablerunners and soft mats will improve the look of the space. You can get tablerunners and mats with special materials that are stain-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the occasional spill.

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Bed Linens

bed linens shutterstock victoria jane

Introducing new furniture into a room means you have less space. In rooms like your bedroom, you don’t want to limit the space you have since large objects like your bed are already taking up a lot.

A good workaround is to change the texture of the bed linens, quilts, pillow covers, and other things you may have on your bed. That way, you’ll use the space the bed is already occupying, but you get a fresh look.


Pillow Covers

divine pillow cases victoria jane

Changing the material on your pillow covers can improve the room's look and make them a bit more comfortable. But you want to be careful with how fluffy the pillows are because you don’t want it to be a breathing hazard.

If you choose to get pillow covers of a softer texture, clean them regularly, as they will attract more dust. Breathing on dirty pillow covers for hours every night can lead to many health problems.



Curtains are another thing in a room that has a large visual footprint. Making changes to the kind of curtains you own will greatly impact the overall look.

Today, you can get curtains made out of all kinds of artificial and synthetic materials. These are cheap to buy, easy to maintain, and quite durable. If you have blinds, you can change those as well to get a new look.


Carpets and Rugs

victoria jane shutterstock rug

In any room, whatever you have laid out on the floor occupies the most surface area. Moreover, the flooring is also the least changed/upgraded part of the home. Instead of going through the hassle of getting a new floor, you can make a big visual change by just adding carpets and rugs.

This is especially useful if you have a hard tile or marble floor which stays cold in the winter. With a new carpet, you get a new colour, texture, and insulation.


Changing Materials

A lot of the fixtures and fittings you will be getting to change the look of the house can also be changed and upgraded. For instance, the quilt cover, the cushion fabrics, and the material on the sofa can all be changed.

This could be a fantastic family project as well. You don’t have to be very technical at all. Most of these things only need basic tools, if any, and they don’t need much time either. Consider getting fresh materials for the things you already own for a temporary or permanent change.


Layers of Change ✨

When upgrading the look of your home and especially when you want to change the texture of the environment, working in layers is important.

 victoria jane Texture in homes


⚜️ Bases

In any home space, look at that space's base colour and texture. In a large room with lots of open space, the floor will dictate the base. In a bedroom where the bed takes up most of the floor, the walls will determine the space. Ideally, you want a neutral base in terms of both colour and texture.

A simple brown wooden flooring or a white tiled flooring are two great types that give you a lot of flexibility with what you can do. Before starting out with the design, consider the base of the space and craft something that will work with it.


⚜️ Textures

Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Unless you are very certain that you want everything in one specific texture, it’s a good idea to use a mix of textures to prevent overcrowding. Having the same textures for every floors and walls will make it redundant, and instead of being the unique element of the room, it will become the base.

You want to use textures that work together. Extreme contrasts in colour can look good, but the same doesn’t apply to textures. You can also use textures in patterns to get a more intricate look. This will add some variety and will allow you to play around with textures in a different way.


⚜️ Structure

Keep in mind the structure of the overall room, the design of the house, and the overall feel of the home. Upgrades to the room are meant to be an upgrade to the home, not just that space. When all the rooms look good and complement each other, they will improve the look and feel of the entire home.

Try to use the natural designs, shapes, and forms of the room. The most important in this regard is light. Using light properly can transform the way colors look in that space.



cosy warm victoria jane home

Whether through colour or texture, changing the look of your home is always exciting. You can get started today just by rearranging things according to the information in this article and see how it looks.

Once you get the hang of it and you understand what you enjoy, you can purchase dedicated things to achieve that look or style 👑


pillow cushion victoria jane collection

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